We have created this article to allow users to understand how our reporting works with decimal places.  

Here are my test settings:

Both the Value and reporting decimal places can be from 1-5.   We store the raw data value in SQL to 5 decimal places.

Here is what it looks like on the all in one results entry form when I enter the test result into the system.  Notice how it only shows 4 decimal places when entering in the value, that's because the value decimal places is set to 4.

Here are my results when I use the COA Print report and use the DecimalSet and the ReportSet commands:  (2 and 3 arrows)

Yellow 1.  This is the raw value stored in the database.
Yellow 2.  This is the result value formatted with the DecimalSet Function (Value decimal places)
Yellow 3. This is the result value formatted with the ReportSet function (Test Reporting decimal places)
Yellow 4.  Just showing how non number values are stored in the database.   This is a system code list that has OK and NOT OK as values.

And here it is when I do a COA Print Average report type.  This report is used when an item is tested multiple times and the results need to be averaged. 

Yellow 1. The raw result value
Yellow 2. The averaged numbers formatted with the DecimalSet function
Yellow 3.  The averaged numbers formatted with the ReportSet function

I also wanted to show you how we support zero's at the end of a number.
Yellow 1. The raw value of 4.10010
Yellow 2. The decimalSet and ReportSet formulas applied to the number.   Notice how it shows 4.10 and not 4.1. The system will round up/down depending on raw value.
Thanks and if you have any questions about decimal places please feel free to contact us and ask questions!