You may receive a XML file from our support staff or other people.  These instructions will show how to copy the file into the QES custom report area.  

It is important to make sure that these files come from a trusted source as these files can have actions built into them that will affect your computer systems.

To import the report XML file into QES:

1) Open the report designer form and either create a new report or click on an existing report

2) Make sure the report base type is the same as the report that is being imported.   Serious errors will occur if the base type is not correct.

3) Click design report

4) When the report designer opens click File, Open

5) Open the file when the dialog box pops up

6) The report layout should change to the new version that was just loaded.

7) Click File, Save or the save toolbar button

8) Close the report designer form

9) Click Save to save the new report into the database

10) Close the report storage form and test that the new report layout prints properly