A customer asked us how to modify the tolerance plot report to plot pass and fail values on different series.  The answer to this is to filter the data into two different series, one filtered for data where the value has passed and the other where the value has failed.


To make this change

1. Open QES and select the reports tab and click the designer button to open the report storage form.

2. Create a new report based on the report type of Tolerance Plot.

3. Design the report

4. Click on the blue icon at the top right of the graph and click Run Designer.

5. Create a new series of the type Line by using the + button on the series label.

6. Name the series Fail Value Plot ( or whatever text you want to see in the legend)

7. Click the data tab and set the Argument to ResultsStoredCriteriaID

Do this by dragging the fields found in the field list into the boxes at the bottom.

8. Set the Value to Results_Value by dragging the field down to the Value field

9. Click and drag the new series so that it appears below the value plot series.

10. Click on the properties tab and click on the ... on the Data Filters option to open the editor.

11. Click Add

The field you want to use is the ResultsID.QtyPassed.  Find it by scrolling up to the very top of the list of fields and expand the ResultsID tree.  Then scroll down to the QtyPassed field and click on it to set the column.

12.  Change the Data Type to System.Decimal

13. Change the Value to 0.0

14. The final options should look like below

15.  Click close

16.  That takes care of showing failed values on a different series than the passed.  Feel free to modify the look of the failed series by changing the line color to Red or modifying the label icon and size.

17.  The next step is to filter out the failed values from the Value Plot series.

18.  Click on the Value Plot series, Click on the Data Filters, Add a new data filter except this time the Value will be set to 1.0 instead of 0.0 (see steps 13 to 18 to complete this task)

19.  Close the Chart Designer

20. Click the Save button on the Report Designer toolbar and close the designer

21.  Click Save on the Add/Edit Report Storage toolbar

22. Open the Tolerance Plot report form and preview a report to see the passing test values on a different series than the failures.

23.  If you edit the report in the designer and then go back to the Tolerance Plot form multiple times you need to click the Refresh button so that you see the new changes in the Tolerance Report preview screen.  If you do not the system will show you the report before the most recent modifications.