1.  Open QES

2. Go to the reports tab and click on the designer button

3. Create a new report by clicking new and fill in the Name, Description and report base type of Tolerance Plot.

4. Click Design Report

5. Right click on the graph and then click Series

6. If the Sigma 2 Upper and Lower series are already on the report and you want to change the Sigma number

a.Click on Properties tab

b. Scroll down to summary function and click the ... to open the editor.

c. Change the Sigma calculation by clicking on the dropdown and picking the different Sigma Upper 1,2 or 3 entry.

d. The argument stays the same as ResultsStoredCriteriaID.   If you are using lot number as the x-axis you will keep it at ResultsID.ResultsHeader.LotNumber

e. The case sensitive Tag tells the Summary Function what data points to use for the Sigma function and MUST be filled in.

f. Do the same to the Sigma Lower function

7.  If the Sigma calculations are NOT on the report

a. Click the Add... button

b.  Choose "Line" and click ok 

c. Click on the properties tab and scroll down and change the Argument Data Member to what the main plot x-axis argument is.   Usually ResultsStoredCriteriaID or ResultsID.ResultsHeader.LotNumber

d. Scroll down to Tag and change it to the name of the main plot x-axis name is.  For example in the default report it will be set to Passing Values

e. Click on the Summary Function ... and in the dropdown select Sigma Upper 1,2 or 3 and then click on either ResultsStoredCriteriaID or ResultsID.ResultsHeader.LotNumber depending on what the report x-axis is based on.  Then click Ok.

f. Change the name of the series to Sigma Upper

g. Create a new series to create the Sigma Lower and follow the steps in #7 except using Sigma Lower summary calculation