Q: I am using the HMS version of QES and getting an error "Failed to enable contstraints.  one or more rows contain values violating non-null, unique, or foreign-key restraints.  Then when I click on the details tab I see the words "HQMS frmQA_inProcessEntry FillWorkOrderDropDown"  What could be the issue?

A: The reason for this issue is that somehow duplicate records are contained in the BOM50200 or the BOM50300 (or both).  These duplicate records should not exist and are caused by a power outage or other SQL issues when processing different work order functions in Great Plains.  In most cases the one corrupted record that exists can be deleted if there are no records existing in the BOM50201 or BOM50206 tables.  Assistance from our support department is advisable in this instance so that data corruption does not occur.  DO NOT attempt to calculate the corrupted work order or even open it in Great Plains.