****Modifying data in the QES system should not be taken lightly and should only be done on the advice of our support staff.   Changing a system value to an incorrect setting can cause widespread undesirable repercussions through the entire system.

When QES opens or when a user clicks the ERP refresh button on a form the system goes out to the ERP tables and looks for any new Items, Lots, Serials, Vendors, Customers, Sales Orders and purchase receipts.   If any new records are found they are imported into the HQMS_*****_1 tables.

If the records are not completely setup in the ERP system but the user has executed a save what will happen is that the record will be imported into QES but it may not have all of the correct details setup.

A perfect example of this are item records.   If a user creates an item but does not set the lot and serial tracking on the item and saves the record QES will import the record as a non-tracked item type. 

As this is the most common issue here are the instructions on how to fix this.   If it's any other type of incorrect data please contact our support team with details and they will let you know any changes to make to your data.

Even though the record is set to non-tracked any serial or lot numbers are still being imported into the HQMS_Lots_1/HQMS_Serial_1 tables.  So this fix is easy.

Right click on the HQMS_Items_1 in SSMS and say "Edit top 200 rows".  

 Click on the field list and using '' type in the item number in question 'XYZ Item' in the Filter column
You can find the different tracking types in the HQMS_SysCodes table.  Look at the first few parent records and find the one you are looking for.   Then scroll down in the table looking at the SystemCodeType column for the parent ID.   Once you find the parent ID you will find the records that you can change the HQMS_Items_1 record to.

For this one we want to change the 11001 to 11003

Make sure after changing the Item Tracking SID field to move away from the current record in order to "post" the change to the SQL table.

When you open QES you will see that the item tracking type has changed and that the serial or lot numbers are now available to be selected.

If you have any other questions please reach out to our support team who will be happy to help with any data import issues you might encounter.