1. Extract the QES Data Population Tool files to a directory on your desktop or on your SQL server.
  2. Create a SQL server user that has access to the tables in the database you want to import into.
    1. Open SSMS (Sql Server Management Studio)
    2. Log into sql server with account that has admin priveledges
    3. Scroll down to Security
    4. Click + and then right click on Logins
    5. Click New Login
      1. Choose SQL Server authentication
        1. You can use windows authentication as well but you will need to the connection string will have to be modified to remark out the second connection string in the config file and enable the first.
      2. Fill in details if using SQL Server Auth or find any windows user if using Windows Auth
      3. Click on user mapping
        1. Choose the database you want to import data into
      4. Click ok to create the user in SQL
    6. Click on + next to the database the user was added to and scroll down to security
    7. Click on the + on Security and + on Users
      1. You may need to right click and click refresh if the user you added is not showing
    8. You can run the following statement in SQL instead of going through these next steps:


    9. OR 
      1. Right click on added user and click properties
      2. Click on securables
      3. Depending on your SQL version this may be a different process
      4. Click search
      5. Click objects of the types...  and then choose tables
      6. Scroll down in the list until you see HQMS_Criteria and click on the table
      7. Check off Delete, Insert, Select, Update
      8. Click ok
    10. Modify the connection settings in the importtoqes.exe.config file to point to your test SQL server
      1. Click on the image below to make it larger
  3. Run the importtoqes.exe application
  4. When a xlsx file is opened and validated no security errors should occur
  5. When records are imported into QES tables no errors should appear.