Use this query to list out all the tables in the security system to be used to look at who they want to have access to what.

SELECT DISTINCT ItemType, ItemName FROM HZS_UserRights
ORDER BY ItemType, ItemName

At the time of this article writing here is a list of those forms:


DashboardDashboard Designer
Form - Data SetupCOA Reference List
Form - Data SetupCOA Template
Form - Data SetupCost Code Entry
Form - Data SetupCriteria Entry
Form - Data SetupCriteria For Item Inspections
Form - Data SetupCriteria Test Link
Form - Data SetupDefect Entry
Form - Data SetupGrade Code Entry
Form - Data SetupInspection Entry
Form - Data SetupInspection Item Mass Entry
Form - Data SetupItem Hold Setup
Form - Data SetupItem Inspection Copy
Form - Data SetupLot Attribute Definition
Form - Data SetupMap Set Entry
Form - Data SetupTest Criteria Item Matching
Form - Data SetupTest Entry
Form - Operational DataCustomer Entry
Form - Operational DataItem Entry
Form - Operational DataItem Receipts Entry
Form - Operational DataOperation Entry
Form - Operational DataSales Order Entry
Form - Operational DataVendor Entry
Form - Operational DataWork Order Entry
Form - SystemCompany Registration
Form - SystemDepartment Entry
Form - SystemMail Event Setup
Form - SystemSetup
Form - SystemSystem Code Entry
Form - SystemUser Defined List Parent Entry
Form - SystemUser Entry
Form - SystemUser Security
Form - TransactionsAction Costs Entry
Form - TransactionsAll In One Results
Form - TransactionsInventory Holds
Form - TransactionsQA Action/Events
Form - TransactionsResults Entry
Form - TransactionsResults Header Create
Form - TransactionsResults Replication
Form - TransactionsSerial Lot Attributes
Form - TransactionsSerial/Lot Details
Form - TransactionsTest Plan Entry
Form - TransactionsWorkbench
ReportsAd Hoc Reports
ReportsCOA Print
ReportsItem Specifications