If the form you have open in QES has a workspace button at the top it means that you can fully customize how the form looks and feels to suit your needs.  

**Please note that not all forms have this button.

If the form does not have 

The basic operation steps are:

  1. Right click on the form and click "customize layout"
  2. Make layout changes to the form
  3. Capture the workspace
  4. Manage Workspaces if required.
    1. Copy to another user
    2. Delete workspace if required

Detailed instructions on creating a new workspace

  1. Right click on an open space in the form and then click "Customize layout"
    1. You can now hide and show fields and move things around from different areas or different tabs.
    2. Certain forms use a control called a UserControl and must be moved around as a whole item but they can usually be edited in their own editor.
  2. Capture WorkSpace
    1. To save the changes that you have made you will then click on the workspace button and choose "Capture WorkSpace"
    2. The system will ask you for the name of the workspace.   Type some text that will describe the changes you made and then close the form.   
    3. Close the form - Closing the form is the event that will save the workspace(s) to your profile.
    4. Re-opening the form - When you open the form again you will notice that your changes you made and saved to the workspace are present on the form when it opens.

Creating more than one workspace

  1. You can create multiple workspaces if you like by simply editing the current form and clicking Capture Workspace again and giving it a new new.
  2. The latest workspace that you have saved will be the one that opens by default when the form opens.
    1. If you want to change the workspace that opens by default simply choose that workspace again in the list, then right click and Capture Workspace again.   Type in the same name again.  Close the form.
    2. We are capturing the same workspace again so that it saves again and modifies the last modified date to be newer than the other layouts in your prifile so the logic will apply that layout when the form opens next time.

Saving a workspace to file and sending it to someone else to load

  1. Modify the form and capture a new workspace
    1. If you already have a workspace you want to share simply apply it to the form.
  2. Click on the workspace button and click "Workspaces..."
  3. Click on the workspace you want to share
  4. Click Save Workspace as
    1. Save the file to somewhere both people can access it or you can email the file to someone.
    2. Make sure to tell them which form in QES the workspace file is for.
  5. When they receive the file they will
    1. Open the form for that workspace
    2. Click Workspace
    3. Click Workspaces...
    4. Click Load Workspace...
    5. Navigate to the file
    6. Click Ok on the Workspaces form
    7. Close the QES form to save the workspace to your profile
    8. Re-open the form and see the changes.
    9. The first time you may have to select the new workspace and then close the form to see the changes.