1. Ensure no one is in your ERP system (if using ERP system) or QES
  2. Backup the company database and the HZS_System database they exist.
  3. Download latest code from link sent
  4. Unzip 2 files, 1 for the app and 1 for the upgrader
  5. Run the upgrader.exe file
    1. Enter in the Server, username, password, database fields
    2. These fields are case sensitive!
    3. Regarding StandAlone vs ERP installations and Import Statements Checkbox.
      1. If executing an ERP install for the first time do not check off the Auto Enable Import Statements checkbox.  You will need to manually enable the ERP import process after setting up the disable days in Setup.   
      2. If running ERP install/upgrade where QES has already been installed and being used them make sure the Auto Enable Import Statements checkbox is checked off. 
    4. Merge HZS_System tables checkbox will always be unchecked.
    5. Check off the proper installation type (StandAlone, GP manufacturing etc) at the top of the form Click Process
    6. Wait to finish (log area turns green)
    7. If errors occur - Sort the files in the upgrader directory by newest first and forward to our support email the few txt and the SQL files at the top,   
      1. There are usually 2 or 3 files.
      2. These files allow us to investigate why an error occurred.
  6. Install the application
    1. Extract the App Install files to a directory on the machine
    2. Run the Setup.exe
    3. When installing the app it asks for the server name, make sure to type it in correctly and in the correct case (usually uppercase) otherwise the application will say it cannot connect.   This can be fixed later but is much easier if you get it right during installation
    4. Test Installation
      1. Open the application and click help about to see that you are on the correct version
      2. Open a few of the forms to make sure the application can access data