I can't remember my username or password for my admin account!  What do I do?

The first thing is to take a back-up of the HZS_System database as well as any company databases that have QES installed.

If you are in the pilot stages and don't have a lot of users created you can run the following queries to clear out the users and start over from scratch.

  • Before running these queries please note that they will delete all users from the system and not just the admin account. 
  • You will also have to recreate the companies in the system as well so make sure you have your registration keys and company name used during the first activation available.

When you run QES after running the queries below in SQL Management Studio the application will take you through the new ADMIN user and new company initialization and you can create your user and company. 

delete from [dbo].[HZS_RecordLocks]

delete from [dbo].[HZS_UserRights]

delete from [dbo].[HZS_UserCompany]

delete from [dbo].[HZS_UserRole]

delete from [dbo].[HZS_UserActivity]

delete from [dbo].[HZS_User]

delete from [dbo].[HZS_CompanyRegistration]