When you are using QES you can either be running with a live production key or a trial key which expires and shows a message each time you open the application.  If you need an extension to your trial license key feel free to e-mail our support desk and ask for your license to be extended.

When a support person processes your request you will receive either a new activation key or you will receive your original activation key with a note saying your subscription has been extended. 

  1. If your key has already expired:
    1. Open QES
    2. In the "Your license has expired box" enter in the new activation key you received.
    3. Click ok
    4. QES will activate the key you entered
    5. If the new key you entered is a trial key then the dialog you get when opening QES should show a new expiry date
  2. If your key has not yet expired:
    1. Open QES and login with an admin account
    2. Click on System
    3. Click on Company Registration
    4. Select the company that is expiring in the company dropdown
    5. Paste your ACTIVATION key into the Activation code textbox
    6. Click Generate License key
    7. QES will go out to the internet and pull down your new license key from our servers and activate your product.
    8. Click save
    9. Close QES and re-open
    10. The dialog should now have a new expiry date message coming up.

The process is the same as above if you are converting your licensing from a trial subscription to a live one.