We created a video to show you how to add a cross-tab control to the COA Print report so that it tabulates your data if required.

Watch the YouTube Video here!

  1. Create a new report based on the COA Print report type
  2. Expand the report footer area
  3. Drag a Cross-Tab control into the report footer
  4. In the field list on the right side expand COA Print Details
  5. Scroll down to ResultValueDerived field and drag it into the data part of the cross-tab.
  6. Set the summary type of the data field to be MAX
  7. Scroll down to the Test_TestCode field and drag it to either the row or column fields
  8. Scroll to the ResultHeader_LotNumber field and drag it to the row or column field (the opposite one that you put the test code into)
  9. Click on the column Grand Total field and hide column and then click on the row Grand Total field and hide row.
  10. Rename the upper left cell to "Test Code" or you can erase the text to make it blank.
  11. Save the report and close
  12. Save the report design record.
  13. Test the report format out on the COA Print form