Version - November 04, 2020

Major Functionality Additions

  • Ad Hoc Reports - Added a query builder button for users to create queries and see data without having to create a report. - 4389038e
  • COA new functionality - Allowing multiple different items/lots to be added to a certificate of analysis - 410ec88b
  • Ad Hoc Reports - New functionality to allow users to create and run any report based on HQMS tables in the database. - 321999aa
  • Mail Events Functionality - QES will now email if certain events occur and all configured filters are met - 3074d89e

Minor Functionality Additions

 Test Entry form

  • Added three user customizable fields to the form - 9ec1c6b3
  • Test Entry Form - Added a new reporting symbol field to the test form. - eb0d743d
  • Test Entry Form - new additional reporting decimal places field - 33364131

COA Print form

  • Added Report Name so users can record the name of the COA PDF file - 41b32a04
  • Customer requested item - Allow multiple lot numbers to be selected and processed on the COA Entry form - 1f281c00
  • Added more default fields to the navigation grid - 8d0766ed
  • We cleaned up our default COA report to make it look better - e82d3115

Setup Form

  • Allow a user to define what number they want the COA Print document numbers to start at - ab16baf2
  • Warn the users that they cannot change setup values while users are in the system as issues may occur. - a74497cd

User to see the record they have selected when switch tabs with fields under the grid area.

  • Work Order Form - - c4b886e5
  • Sales Order Entry Edit - dab4bf68
  • Vendor Entry form - e146bb48
  • Purchase Order Entry form - bfb8c84d
  • Operations Entry form - 82e19fb5
  • Customer Entry form- d664a756
  • Item Entry form- 62265778

Item Entry form

  • Allow the user to attach a PDF file to the item which can then print on reports - e14e6d06


  • We now store XML dashboard files in the SQL database instead of using the file system to support later functionality for users to have multiple dashboards - edda70e1Added refresh button to Dashboard viewer form - 652d394f

All In One Results

  • Added the reporting symbol to the details grid - e6acfec2
  • Added criteria statement to the criteria tab area at bottom of form - b6a410a9
  •  This form now allows the user to generate the tracking number before requiring a save or create tests. - cd19fffa

Item Specifications entry

  • Added 3 new fields for better reporting on item specs based on a need from a customer. - 8e01620e


  • Added more tooltips that show up when mouse is hovered over a control. - fe76d27a
  • Application - Modified the QES application and control panel icons to a green Q - a39e4fac
  • About box - Made graphical changes to how the about box looks and functions - ab3c718c
  • Changed build number format. 
    • X.XX.01.XXX is Beta code 
    • X.XX.02.XXX is Release code 
  • Implemented a new ribbon control in QES to work properly for customers who utilize Remote Desktop to access QES - ca38f109

Minor fixes

  • Fixed - If about box using upper left menu button was opened and QES then immediately closed - application would stay minimized - a7c52409
  • User form Issue - Customer reported when using the change password feature a certain way, users could not log in till the next day - 2949849f
  • Item Specifications report - Customer Reported issue - Fixed - Decimal places on Item specifications report were not showing up properly - 6829da80

Version - May 12, 2020


  • Allows for efficient import of quality control data into the Quality Management System from a wide variety of sources.


  • Allows email alerts to be setup quickly and efficiently which will notify users upon a range of alert events, including real-time notification of non-conforming incidents.


  • Item Entry form: Enhanced with addition of Comments field.
  • All In one results entry:  Added filter row to item and user drop downs to allow quick filtering
  • Criteria Test Item linking: Added item description in item drop down
  • Excel Export form: Customers reported performance issues when the Excel Export form was used with large amounts of data.   We have converted this form to a server side process to  address this issue.
  • Added a comment field to the HQMS_Items_Specification_header table
  • Compatible with SQL Server 2019
  • Added to All In One Results, COA Print, Mapset Entry, Mail Event, Item Inspection Copy, COA Reference List and Results Export To Excel. Workspace Manager functionality to  enables users to tailor form contents and layouts to their specific needs for efficiency and accuracy. Workspace manager allows customization of grid layouts as well as any dropdown fields.  Created Workspaces can be named and made available for all users.
  • Item Specification Report. Fixed an issue where decimal places were not showing properly in certain instances in the Min and Max fields.
  • Test Entry Record updated to include reporting decimal setting and to include report symbols such as <>/ etc.
  • Items Specifications form enhanced to support revision identification, rich text editor and dates.
  • All in One Results Entry, Document search grid converted to server control to enable speedier load of form.
  • All In One Results form. Updated time field in grid  to show time only
  • Added RTF document availability to Item Specifications, To COA Print Form, Item
  • Audit Trails, added default from to dates and item number filters to enable speedier search
  • Reformated layout of Default COA Print report to better reflect common requirements.
  • Replaced existing pivot table for COA report with an upgraded tool that allows more variety in data formatted for rows and columns
  • Added 3 user defined fields to Test Master Record
  • Used a new control for the document listing grid to speed up loading performance of the All In One Results entry form.
  • Converted our main menu ribbon control to a newer, better .net control
  • Added the ability to edit a Rich Text Document that is attached to an item in the items operational edit form
  • Updated the look and feel of the about box and fixed an issue where in certain circumstances it would not show the correct features from the license key.
  • Allow the user to select/check off multiple values on the serial lot list on the COA Print Edit form.  Previously the grid only allowed single or double click.
  • Added more detailed logging to the HQMS_Audit table when the Inspection Item Copy process is being executed to allow users to see more information on what happens during the copy process.
  • Added tool tips to many different control so that users can understand what the buttons or the fields do.
  • Assorted bug fixes

Version - August 27, 2019

  • New report designer form - Modifications to make it more like standard forms
  • Loading ERP data is on a different thread so user has control immediately after opening QES
  • Faster all in one results entry Create Tests process
  • Completely redesigned COA functionality
  • Creating a COA using the COA listing form
  • Creating a COA directly from the All in one entry screen/ Work Bench Screen
  • COA locking - multi user functionality
  • Customer address functionality - for mostly Non-ERP connected users only
  • Workspace form customization functionality on COA Print form.
  • Ability to have multiple Dashboard tabs
  • Spreadsheet Calculation type test
  • Collection/Sample Date added to all in one form
  • Added the To Process and to print serial lot numbers concatenation to the HQMS_COAPrintHeader table
  • Added relationships to many different SQL tables
  • Added 8 more user defined fields to Item table
  • New Test Plan functionality

Version - October 17, 2018


  • Addition of math library to support statistical process control functionality


  • Enhancements to Dashboard functionality


  • Addition of the reference list functionality to enable quick entry of COA's major details and support a large number of certificates needing to be created quickly and efficiently.  


  • Addition of SQL relations to support enhanced reporting and data integrity

Version - November 15, 2017


Several buttons have been added to the All-in-One Results Entry form to enable a user to add lot numbers to the lot tracking data and to generate a Certificate of Analysis, without changing forms.

  • The Generate COA button provides a pop-up form where the user can provide the certificate details and then create the COA. The user can specify data such as the report template and layout selection, as well as customer-specific information.
  • The Add Lot button provides a pop-up that allows the user to enter lot data, including expiration dates.


In large production runs, the testing data from samples can apply to more than one lot or serial number. The Results Replication form has been upgraded to allow the user to copy results data from one-or-many documents, to generate results data for one-or-many additional item/lot/serial combinations.


When testing requires calculations on multiple data points, it can be more efficient if the software application can accept the data, store it, and generate the needed calculations. A test with a numeric data type can now be configured to accept an unlimited number of data values and to run a range of calculations. The available calculations are average, maximum, median, minimum, mode, standard deviation, and sum. Values can be entered as negative numbers.


Inspection processes and tests for different items are frequently identical. In make-to-order environments, there is a need to create the item inspection relationship when new part numbers are generated. This new form allows the user to efficiently copy inspection set-up information from an existing item record to a new item record.


System Codes, such as those created for use as Test Results, can include multiple acceptable values and multiple unacceptable values. The Criteria Master Record functionality has been enhanced so that users can specify multiple values in a System Code list that will generate a pass-or-fail result when using a System List data type.


For some organizations, Certificates of Analysis do not require heavy customization for customer or internal needs. Therefore, there is no need to create multiple templates to support the generation of these reports. To improve efficiencies, it is now possible to generate a Certificate of Analysis without use of a template; all data corresponding to the testing item will be provided and the user can simply select, from a list, which data will be included on the report. By default, all data will be shown.


The in-system dashboard is one of the most attractive functions of our software. Users are eager to use the available charts to rapidly evaluate and analyze their data. The dashboard tutorial document is designed to help a user walk through the steps of creating a line graph and to gain an understanding of the dashboard’s user interface. The tutorial is based on sample data that is supplied with the trial software. A user who does not work with the sample data can step through the tutorial and use their own data to generate the line graph.


Results Replication

  • Multiple documents and their results can be copied to multiple lot numbers in one pass.

All-in-One Results Entry

  • Add new lot numbers from pop-up form.
  • Create the COA document directly using the Create COA pop-up.
  • Refresh import data from source ERP or from Quality Essentials Suite with button selection.
  • Enter multiple numeric data points and calculate result using Base Data functionality.
  • Enter Comments for the Result Document Header.


  • Create COA from workbench.
  • Add new lot numbers form pop-up.
  • Preview and Print workbench content.

Inspection Entry

  • Add new field for base data minimum threshold.

Test Entry form

  • Test method.
  • Test conditions.
  • Base data checkbox.
  • Based data calculation type.

Criteria Entry form

  • Add new tab for System List Defect evaluations process.
  • Add new check box to use Eval system list.

Item Entry

  • Add new lot and serial attribute tracking for manufactured date.

Sales Order Entry

  • Add new fields to track full shipping address, customer PO and other data.

COA Print

  • Add new pivot table layout report to available report layouts.
  • Populate COA header fields from Sales Order Data for customer PO, Shipping information etc.
  • Add No Template checkbox for default COA data selection.

Setup form

  • Add new control checkbox to display dashboard at system launch.

Version - March 22, 2017


Upgraded tools now refresh data on request and include tolerance and other range indicators.


An expanded library with additional base report layouts support a complete range of data calculations.


New workbench form enables users to select materials and quantities for calculation of weighted averages and automatic generation of result documents.


All result transactions and master records are included in audit trail records.


Historical tracking and viewing of release and hold transactions for serial and lot materials managed in DynamicsGP inventory has been incorporated.

Version - December 21, 2015

New Features:

Case 2670 - New Defect Excel Export form has been added to the reports tab in QES.   This form allows users to view and export any defects that are associated with the results document.

Version - December 15, 2015

New Features:

Case 2624 - To better serve the range of needs found in industry the criteria master record form and related functionality have been enhanced to allow users to define that there is no upper or lower limit on the range of acceptable criteria. Users will be able to leave the positive or negative tolerance fields empty indicating which will indicate there is no limit on that end of the range. In the screen shot notice the light grey text indicating no limit.

Case 2628 - The Batch Quantity value in the All In One Results Entry form has been set to default to a quantity of 1. The most commonly encountered quantity for this value is 1 and users will easily be able to edit the quantity as needed during data entry.

Case 2631 - The search grid in the upper right of the All In One Results entry form has been updated to include Grade Code and the time field from the results header documents.

Case 2668 - Lot and Serial number entry fields in various forms in the Operational data tab have been masked to only allow alpha text as upper case. This will match the case restrictions applied in Dynamics and ensure that if manually entered records are created they will match the imported records based on case.

Case 2638 - The ability to enter negative values in the Tablet Friendly User Interface (Results Entry) has been provided for the number pad component.

Case  2639 - Created a button In All In One Results entry in the detail grid where results are entered to reset the entry status back to not tested has been incorporated. This will change the cue dot to blue.

Case 2642 - On the All In One Results entry form a print button has been added that will allow users to print any of the results reports they have defined for the Result Document that is selected in the search grid. Print results may also be previewed which may be a more efficient way to view a lengthy list of results rather than scrolling through the entry grid. Selecting the printer icon will launch a print dialogue routine to allow users to define the printer location.

Case 2649 - The data field in the header of All In One results entry that is the user defined time type field has been masked to allow easier entry of time values. The previous clock object has been removed.

Case 2657 - The generate tracking number function from the user defined fields in the All ln One entry from has been updated to incorporate two activities. Now there is the ability to create a string mask to be used in interpreting a calendar date so that the date can be included in a searchable way as part of the tracking id.

Case 2646 - All the default Certificate of Analysis reports were edited to institute decimal place accuracy in reporting based on the specific decimal places established for each test.

Case 2651 - Three out of four of the Certificate of Analysis reports did not incorporate the Criteria or Specifications so that was added to each report.

Case 2666 - All In One results entry functionality upgraded to disallow saving header records that do not have a results document id applied. This was to ensure that the table data and search grid were not heavily populated by orphan header records that could cause search and other tasks to be less efficient.

Case 2632 - Lot and serial record creation functions were upgraded to include applying inactivation date logic when records are manually entered even though QES is run integrated to a source ERP solution.

Case 2648 - Item Master record has been updated to include ability to attach a pdf type document to each item record.

Case 2648 - Item Master entry record had real estate adjusted to allow for more rows of data to be displayed in upper portion of form, which will make lookups etc. more efficient.

Bug Fixes:

Case 2627 - All user defined fields in All In One results entry will copy when duplicate process is run. Originally only fields used in generating the tracking id were being duplicated.

Case 2637 - When a new record is added all the user defined fields will reset to null (previously the first field was not resetting to null).

Case 2645 - Header records in All ln One results entry can be cleared if user has not yet applied a results document.

Case 2669 - Function to generate a tracking id has been adjusted to occur only after the results document id has been generated via the Create Tests button.

Version - October-10-2015

New Features:

Case 2604 - QES Upgrader SQL 2014 compatibility

Bug Fixes:

Case 2610 - NULL serial number issue fixed in the HZS_HQMS_prc_LotAttributeInsert_HQMS stored procedure.  

Version - September-2-2015

New Features:

Case 2606 - Allowing the holding of partial quantities in the Lot Management Module

Bug Fixes:

Case 2605 - Use TestID instead of InspectionTestID on COA lines generation
Case 2607 - Item Description not showing on setup form

Version - April-30-2015

 Case 2608 - Document not asking to be moved to history after all tests completed

Version v2.11.01.050 - Feb-11-2015

New Features:

Case 2428 - Added new fields to HQMS_ResultHeader table : User Defined Time, Test Start, Test End, Sample Date Time

Case 2471 - Added the GP Simple WO import process to integrate tighter with GP

Case 2481 - Creation of the new "All in one results" entry form

Case 2485 - Created the Grade Code Entry form

Case 2493 - Various updates to documentation

Case 2237 - Allow user to associate a template document with a COA when printed

Case 2170 - User Defined Fields to Results Entry

Case 2284 - Creation of the Result Header Replication form

Case 2163 - Additional Sample data added to Upgrader add data process

Case 2132 - Allow the user to choose whether a COA criteria evaluated against on the report is from the internal item being tested or against customer specific criteria

Case 2154 - Addition of print only COA fields to COA entry form

Case 2188 - Added Multiple serial/lot selecting to COA Print form for filtering the generation of COA lines.

Case 2198 - Added Multiple serial/lot selecting to COA Print form for reporting different serial/lots than what were used to generate the data.

Case 2243 - When finalizing the COA a PDF is now stored in the SQL database so the exact report can be reprinted at anytime in the future.

Case 2369 - Added 3 new COA report formats to report listings

Bug Fixes:

Case 2221 - When clicking help about form loading message didn't close

Case 2413 - Two users with the same username was being allowed on initial startup/installation of the system.  Fixed.

Case 2462 - Period in Result Entry tablet form was not working properly when decimais used.

Case 2480 - Serial Lot Details form shows error when user closes

Case 2482 - Fixed issue with Base Inactivation Date when importing GP Manufacturing work orders.

Case 2483 - Fixed issue with company registration not allowing a key that expires into any company other than TWO.

Case 2484 - Import of Receipt Serial/Lot numbers with same lot number different time casues error during import

Case 2489 - COA Print - Open and close with no records causes error

Case 2490 - All-In-One Results Form - Test fields not filling in properly if no critiera set

Case 2492 - Tablet Results Form - Criteria UofM field not filling in properly if no critiera set